Fun Time
Richard decided to show everyone one of the activities he uses in his elementary physical education class which the kids love to do.
Here, little ones and ... big ones all had a great time.

Danny's newest toy ... Tesla's electric car.

Michelle, Michael, Andrew and Lindsay were not with us because they were in Dublin, Ireland.
Lindsay is part of the "Boston College Golden Eagles Dance Team.
This year, the opening football game between Boston College and Georgia Institute of Technology was held in Dublin.
The entire Boston College Football Team, Coaches, Band, Dance Team and Cheerleaders went to Ireland.
Michael, Michelle and Andrew decided to join them and enjoy this special game, as well as, enjoy a mini vacation.
Michael had already been to Ireland, but for Michelle and Andrew this was the first time.
Unfortunately, it rained for part of the game and Boston College lost 17 to 14.
Official Page - View a short YouTube video of the game. It's great!

Boston College Golden Eagles Dance Team
Lindsay is the 6th student from the left

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