Last full day
July 20, 2016
Our farewll dinner was at "L'Escarmouche", a very nice restaurant where we had a great time,
 a great way to say goodbye to the entire group with whom had a fabulous trip.

This guy was "nuts" ... but lots of fun!

Part of our fun group ... a Grandfather traveling with his five oldest grandchildren.

And so ended our European trip.
The following day we were picked up at the hotel to go to Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Our hope, when traveling, is always to return home safely and full of great memories.
This was certainly the case.
We loved Amsterdam, were very impressed with Brussels,
 totally enjoyed Bruges and Giverny and Paris ... well, Paris is always Paris.
It's impossible to be in Paris and not totally love all it has to offer.
Great group to travel with ... great trip!

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