Day 2
June 27, 2011
Half Day Tour of Rome 
with an English speaking guide.
Colisseum and Roman Forum

In front of the Colisseum, our guide explaining that he would be going to get our tickets,
but we would start the tour with the Roman Forum, where there is little shade, considering that it was getting rather hot.
Then, we would proceed to the Colisseum where it is cooler. 
Tourist lines everywhere to get tickets, but he, being an official guide,
got the tickets in a special ticket window and everywhere we went we didn't have to wait in line ... which was fantastic.
With tickets on hand, in the shade, telling our group what we were about to see in the Roman Forum. The explanations were done through the wireless radios which we all had around our necks, through the use of earphones ... or "wispers" as some called them.
Finished with the impressive ruins of the Forum ....on the way to the Colisseum.
Viewing these historic places, it certainly gives you a much clear perception of "time" and a much greater 
appreciation of the Roman "genius" which created all these masterpieces.
After returning to the hotel, we all went to have nice lunch at a local Pizzaria and returned to the hotel to rest. 
Renato and I decided to go the beautiful hotel pool to enjoy the glorious sunny afternoon.
Later on, the three older couples, feeling somewhat tired, had a "very interesting" dinner at th hotel restaurant 
... while the younger ones went to another local bistrot where they had a delicious meal.


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